offers adhesive label paper and film in a variety of adhesives to meet your needs. Permanent, Removable and Ultra Removable are available. There are also specialized adhesives for some products that require them such as Shelf Talkers.

SP924G Permanent
Minimum Application: 20F
Service Range: -40 F to 240 F
SP924G is an aggressive, acrylic emulsion general-purpose permanent adhesive designed to cut cleanly while yielding excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, including corrugated and low energy surfaces.

GPR Removable
Minimum Application:
40 F
Service Range: -40 F to 200 F
A general purpose removable adhesive designed to remove cleanly from a wide variety of substrates. It is engineered to give excellent tack with minimal building of adhesion over time from a variety of surfaces. It is appropriate for laser applications.

SR98UR Ultra-Removable
Minimum Application: -15 F
Service Range: -60 F to 160 F
A low-tack emulsion acrylic removable that can be considered as a static cling on some substrates. This adhesive is exclusive to select vinyl products